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From Little League to Global Success: Kyler Russell's Comfy Cup® Revolution

Almost ten years ago, a young boy named Kyler Russell was just an 8-year-old with a passion for baseball. Little did he know that his frustration with an uncomfortable athletic cup would lead to the creation of the game-changing product known as the Comfy Cup®. Now, as Kyler approaches his 18th birthday, the Comfy Cup® is not only thriving as a top seller on Amazon but has also made its mark in various countries, including Europe, Australia, Canada, and Mexico. Let's take a closer look at Kyler's incredible journey and the revolutionary solution he brought to young athletes worldwide.

The Problem

Kyler's journey began when his baseball coach required all players to wear a protective athletic cup during games and practices. The problem was that the available athletic cups were hard, bulky, and uncomfortable. For a young athlete like Kyler, this discomfort interfered with his ability to focus on improving his baseball skills. The uncomfortable athletic cup became a hindrance rather than a source of protection.

The Solution

Young Kyler wasn't content with enduring the discomfort. He had a brilliant idea - to create a comfortable, lightweight, and flexible protective athletic cup specifically designed for youth athletes. With the support of his mother, Kyler embarked on the journey to bring his vision to life. Together, they designed what would become known as "The Comfy Cup." Starting as a hand-sewn prototype in the Russell family's dining room, this product would evolve into a field-tested and kid-approved solution for little league baseball players, pee wee football players, and youth athletes around the world.

The Comfy Cup® Today

Fast forward to the present, and the Comfy Cup® has grown into a thriving business, reaching athletes far beyond Kyler's own little league team. Its success on the Amazon platform, utilizing the convenient Fulfillment by Amazon service, has made it accessible to customers in all 50 states of the USA and internationally. The Comfy Cup® is now a household name in the world of youth sports, loved by parents and young athletes alike for its comfortable design and effective protection.

A Mission Beyond Profit

The Russell family's journey is a testament to the power of creativity and innovation. They have been able to leverage their life experiences, their love for sports, and their unique creative talents to bring a product to life that meets the needs of young athletes. Furthermore, they have a mission that extends beyond profits. The Russell family is committed to giving back by donating a percentage of net profits to programs that support young inventors and entrepreneurs. This demonstrates their dedication to nurturing the spirit of innovation in the next generation.


Kyler Russell's invention, the Comfy Cup®, is a remarkable success story of a young athlete turned entrepreneur. From a frustrating problem on the baseball field to a thriving business that benefits young athletes worldwide, Kyler's journey is an inspiration for all aspiring inventors and entrepreneurs. The Comfy Cup® not only provides comfort and protection to young athletes but also serves as a reminder that creative ideas, when nurtured with determination, can lead to innovation that makes a real difference in the world.


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