Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wash my Comfy Cup™?

We recommend washing your Comfy Cup™ after each wear, unless you are trying to scare your opponents away with your awful sweaty stench.  To prolong the lifetime of your Comfy Cup, we recommend hand washing and air drying.  However, if you forget every once in a while and leave it tucked inside your slider pants, the Comfy Cup™ is able to withstand a few machine washes and even some dryer time.

Will the  Comfy Cup™ provide protection against a 100mph fast ball?

The Comfy Cup™ was designed to provide protection for youth athletes who would otherwise not wear a cup at all.  It was designed to absorb the force of impact that youth athletes expereince in athletics.  Most 7-11 year olds don't pitch 100mph fast balls (thank goodness it's more like 36-59mph).  In these videos, you will see how the Comfy Cup™ protects against the impact of a baseball and a 5-pound weight. 


I want to buy a Comfy Cup™.  Where can I purchase one?

The Comfy Cup™ is currently available on Amazon and in the Overland Park, Kansas Scheels location.  If you are a retailer and would like to carry Comfy Cup™ inventory at your store, please contact Brandi Russell at 1-260-BE-COMFY.

How do I wear a Comfy Cup™?

The Comfy Cup™ fits easily into the pocket of boys compression shorts or slider shorts worn underneath your athletic pants.  Check out this video on YouTube for detailed instructions: How to Wear a Comfy Cup™.

I am 12-years old.  Will the Comfy Cup™ fit me?

The Comfy Cup™ fits most boys ages 7-11 years old, but as you know, people come in all shapes and sizes.  The Comfy Cup™ might fit some 12-year olds, but we cannot guarantee it.  Likewise, we cannot guarantee that the Comfy Cup™ will fit ALL 7-11 year-olds.  If you purchase a Comfy Cup™ and it doesn’t fit, you can return it unused and un-sweaty (obviously) for a full refund.

I am a girl.  Can I wear a Comfy Cup™?

The Comfy Cup™ was designed for boys ages 7-11 years old, it is not recommended for girls. Some girls have tried the Comfy Cup™ to protect their pubic area and shared that it is too big.

When are you going to make bigger sizes?

Comfy Cup LLC is busy working to create a Comfy Cup™ for teenage boys and men.  We understand that after the luxurious expereince of wearing a Comfy Cup™ your package might feel irritated at having to revert to the hard cup.  We appreciate your patience as we embark on bigger and better things for the protection of your priceless package.    

I tried to drink out of my Comfy Cup™. It spilled my shirt is sopping wet!

The Comfy Cup™ is not a container for consuming cocktails.  It is a protective device for male genitals, also known as an athletic protective cup, nutbucket, he-string, penis bra...we really shouldn't go on.  We are sorry if there was any confusion.  


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