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The Comfy Cup Chronicle Part 13: Learning Opportunities

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."
- Benjamin Franklin
It seemed that each day would present us with new tasks to complete. With each new undertaking, we would ask, " Is this an opportunity for us to learn something new?" If the answer was “yes”, we would go for it and do whatever we needed to do to accomplish the task.  
Throughout the hourney of building the Comfy Cup LLC we have been presented with so many unique learning opportunities.  I believe this mindset of viewing the whole experience as a learning opportunity protected us from feeling fear and panic as the dollar signs in the family savings account dwindled. We agreed as a family that creating the Comfy Cup™ was an investment not only in the business, but an investment in our education.   We made a commitment to include the entire family in as many learning opportunities as possible.
Kyler and Elle both attended meetings with our accountant, attorney and sat in on conference calls.  At times, they were bored and acted squirrelly, but overall they learned first-hand what it takes to start a business.

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