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The Comfy Cup Chronicle Part 30: Jealousy

"Encourage and support your kids because children are apt to live up to what you believe of them."
- Lady Bird Johnson, Former First Lady of The US
People often ask if Kyler's younger sister gets jealous of the attention Kyler gets from his invention. We constantly remind both kids that everyone has a special and unique talent to share with the world.  When we see glimpses of their special abilities we always try to point them out.  Elle is extremely witty, creative and athletic, and she has an uncanny way of making friends anywhere we go--like on airplanes or trains in Washington D.C.  Kyler is our “quality assurance guy”.  He recognizes inconsistencies or problems and can come up with solutions.  When we painted the swing set, we asked Kyler to come out at the end to point our spots we missed.  Elle understands that her special gifts look different from her brother, but that doesn’t make her less special.  Kyler and Elle have a wonderful brother-sister relationship.  They look out for each other and support each other in everything they do.  I like to think our Comfy Cup™ journey has actually brought us all closer together. I hear the kids point out each other’s strengths.  When Kyler is feeling exhausted after walking around the block, Elle reminds him that he is just a “thinker” more than a “doer”.  Elle, who is very active and athletic, welcomes help from her big brother when she is struggling with her math homework. So, to answer the question, is Elle jealous of Kyler? She might be.  I cannot change how she feels.  All I can do as a parent is recognize each of my child’s unique strengths and help them to see these strengths.

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