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The Comfy Cup Chronicle Part 32: You Should Go On Shark Tank

"A smart entrepreneur knows they can not run a business on their own. They know that business is a team sport." 
 - Robert Kiyosaki
People tell us all the time, “ You should go on that TV show, Shark Tank.”  We actually completed 75% of the Shark Tank application in the 5-hour car ride to Grandma and Grandpa's house for Thanksgiving. Then, we sat on it for months while we considered our business goals.  Our top priority is to make sports more enjoyable for as many kids as possible.  We decided could use some help making the Comfy Cup™ a house hold name.  Plus, if this deal goes through with Walmart, we might need some financial backing   We agreed that the Sharks could definitely help.  So, we finally did it.  We applied to Shark Tank!

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