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The Comfy Cup Chronicle Part 7: How The Comfy Cup Got It's Name.

In order to add a trademark symbol to the product, it needed a name and a logo.    
We tossed around quite a few ideas for product names (and had lots of laughs in the process):
Beanie weenie 
Pee wee protector 
Dicky defender
Ball bouncer 
Kyler ultimately decided on the name: “Comfy Cup”.  We all agreed.  It was the perfect name.
I tried outsourcing the logo design utilizing a website called Fiverr, (in case you don't know about Fiverr.com, you pay $5 for people to do all kinds of things, including logo design, song writing, and tons of other awesome stuff.)  Unfortunately, I wasn’t pleased with the end result created by our Fiverr designer, so, I ended up using Adobe Photoshop to create the logo myself.

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