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The Comfy Cup Chronicle Part 8: How we Turned Product Testing and Evaluation into "Happenis Hour".

"Good feedback is the key to improvement."
With thirty prototypes in hand, we needed to find out if kids actually liked the Comfy Cup™ and if it actually worked. So, like any fun and borderline crazy mom would do, on a cold January day we hosted an After-School Happenis-Hour-Comfy Cup™ Testing party.  
Cocktails for mamas and Comfy Cups™, dart blasters, and rough and tumble play for the boys. It. Was. Crazy.  Kids were punching each other in the crotch and moms were blasting kids in the crotch with dart blasters.
All in all, it was a success.  Everyone had fun and I can vverify no one was injured.  We asked kids to privately fill out a feedback form to answer questions about size, comfort, protection, and color preferences.  
We used this data to adapt and improve the Comfy Cup™ design.  The consensus was:  The Comfy Cup™ needed to be bigger, softer, and smoother around the edges.

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