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The Comfy Cup Chronicles Part 41: Our First Trip Around the Sun

"To infinity and beyond!"
Exactly one year ago today, we received our very first order of Comfy Cups.  I remember the excitement and fear as we unloaded 1,000 youth athletic cups into our basement warehouse.
Ironically, today, on the exact date one year later, we welcomed another (much larger) shipment of Comfy Cups.  
It was much easier and less stressful today.  Kyler and I greeted the delivery driver, Tim, by name.  He knows our Comfy Cup story and we know some of Tim's story. Part of this journey is about making new relationships, new friends.  
We have our system of shipment unloading down to a science-- Tim helps us unload the pallet into our garage, Kyler counts inventory as he carries the boxes inside and slides the boxes down the stairs to our basement on a make-shift ramp where I stack them strategically to organize the boxes.  
Today, Kyler and I received and warehoused the order on our own.  Just the two of us (and in record time, I might add).  
Many things have changed during our first trip around the sun as Comfy Cup LLC business owners...
We have grown in spirit, mind, and definitely height (for Kyler).  Although, I would say our inventory has grown in height as well.  As we prepare for our next trip around the sun, I am hopeful that we will continue to grow.  In the next year, we plan to learn more about the financial responsibilities of a profitable business, we hope to expand our product line to include a Comfy Cup for 12-14 year olds, we plan to give more charitably to support young athletes and aspiring kid-entrepreneurs, and we hope to offer the Comfy Cup™ in new locations.  The possibilities for this next business year are endless.  The dreams we have are too many to list.  The gratitude that fills our hearts for the many people who have helped make Kyler's dream a reality is growing longer every day.  My final thoughts as we embark upon our next 'trip around the sun', were best stated by Mr. Buzz Lightyear, "To infinity, and beyond!"

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