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Comfy Cup’s Shark Tank Casting Call Experience:


We arrived at the Cox Convention Center at 8:45am. 


Got our wristband at 9:20am!  We are #359 (wristband start at #300).


Best part so far, making friends in line.  



It’s so cool to learn about other people’s inventions and their entrepreneurial experiences.


At 10:15 and they announced that we could have a break and come back at 11:45 AM for our pitch.


At 11:45am, 25 groups filed into a big room filled with chairs...everybody sat down and listened to Mindy, the casting director share what to expect from our Shark Tank Casting Call experience.


I envisioned being on a stage pitching our product, but instead we were face to face with one casting agent.  Kyler did an awesome job giving his one minute pitch and answering all the questions that were directed to him.  


Here is the the thing...Shark Tank is like Fight Club, once you are in the tank, there is no talking about it. So...we can tell you if we don’t make it to the next round, but we can’t share if we do make it and how far we progress until we end up on the show.


In Shark Tank world, no news is bad news.  Within two weeks, we will hear back from the producer if we get to move forward.


Fingers crossed for a call-back in the next two weeks!!


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  • So excited to follow your family’s amazing journey! Thank you so much for sharing. You are all an inspiration!
    • Janine L Young