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Protective Athletic Cup that is Soft and Works Well for 8-Year Old and 10-Year Old with Sensory Sensitivities

My two sons 8 and 10 use the Comfy Cup. First of all, they wanted to say "Thank you!" to the  boy who created the cup. They thought it was so neat and loved that another little boy was creating products for them.

They say it really is comfy, not scratchy and easy to use. It stays in place well - although we had to experiment with which undies worked best for each son to keep the cup in place, since they typically wear boxers and haven't used a cup before! 

They like that the outside is soft and doesn't dig in, but it was hard enough to protect my 8 year old when he got hit as catcher in machine pitch.

My older son has some sensory issues and doesn't like the textured back of the cup on his hands, *but, he does like wearing it and I think the texture helps keep it in place, so he just has to deal with it for a moment while he puts it in place. Not a problem for our younger son with no sensory issues.

We love the product, the personal service and the quick shipping!

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