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4 Signs Your Kid Doesn't Want to Play Anymore

4 signs that  your kid doesn't want to play anymore
  1. Not Having Fun  

    Sports should be fun. Period. If your child is bored or frustrated consider switching to a different activity.  It is common for young children to activity hop as they are still figuring out what they lIke. Even as kids grow older and start specializing in one sport, it's important to check in with them to make sure they're still having fun.  Let your kiddo know you fully support them in their sport, but if they're not enjoying it anymore and want to try something else, you're open to that as well.  

  2. Causes Major Anxiety 

    There's a fine line between pre-game jitters and full-blown anxiety.  A bit of performance anxiety before competitions is a healthy part of the experience. But if they're stressing about practice days in advance, if their schoolwork or social life is suffering because all they can think about is their weekend game, or if they're acting anxious no matter what they're doing, it's time to reconsider if playing this sport this is the best choice for your child.

  3. They Have Stopped Trying                                                                                          Kids often decide to join a team for social reasons.  They want to hang out with friends. They make not give their all because they are more interested in socializing than learning the game or winning. There is nothing wrong with that.  Sports teams are a great way for young children to learn social skills and make friends.  But if you are in a situation where you're paying big bucks for fancy equipment, tournament fees, and travel and your kid couldn't give a hoot about whether they play well or not, it's probably time for a serious talk.

  4. Playing Just to Please You  

    It is easy for parents to push your child into a sport you loved playing as a kid.  You get to vicariously relive your glory days, coaching them on what to do so they don't make the same mistakes you did.  Maybe you are pushing your child to stick with a sport to score a college scholarship?  Parents sometimes become more invested in their kids' sports than the kids are. In these cases, kids usually start playing because they had fun at first, but now they're staying in to please their parents. When a kid's only motivation is making you happy, that's not good.  Ask yourself what is more important, your child's emotional health or that college scholarship?  Giving your child the confidence to know what they want and to communicate that is a skill that will take them far in life.  Kids sometimes become aware of the time, money, and energy parents put into their sport and they feel like they have to continue. You don't want to send the message that it's okay to quit. But if you're the only one getting excited about the big game, you might want to check in and make sure your kid is playing for themselves and not for your. 

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