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The Dangers of Not Wearing a Protective Athletic Cup

Not wearing supportive gear brings serious health risks. According to America Family Physician, between two and five percent of all sports injuries occur in the groin area. These injuries are more prevalent in people who participate in sports such as ice hockey, fencing, handball, cross country skiing, hurdling, and high jumping. These injuries may also be the cause of as many as five to seven percent of all injuries in soccer players.

Not only are groin injuries painful, but also they can involve damage to internal structures, joints, and ligaments. Treatment is sometimes difficult in these instances, causing continued discomfort and secondary problems. One way to help avoid these complications is to wear protective gear such as an athletic cup.

Young boys are often resistant to wearing a protective athletic cup for the first time. It is hard and uncomfortable and interferes with their focus on learning the game. The Comfy Cup was invented to solve this problem. Touted “the training bra of athletic cups”, Comfy Cup is soft, lightweight and flexible--a perfect introductory athletic cup for boys who are just getting started in contact sports.

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