Comfy Cup Chronicles

The Comfy Cup Chronicles Part 41: Our First Trip Around the Sun

"To infinity and beyond!"Exactly one year ago today, we received our very first order of Comfy Cups.  I remember the excitement and fear as we unloaded 1,000 youth athletic cups into our basement warehouse. Ironically, today, on the exact date one year later, we welcomed another (much larger) shipment of Comfy Cups.  It was much easier and less stressful today.  Kyler and I greeted the delivery driver, Tim, by name.  He knows our Comfy Cup story and we know some of Tim's story. Part of this

The Comfy Cup Chronicles Part 40: Practice Kaizen

The Comfy Cup Chronicles Part 40: Practice Kaizen

Practice Kaizen: Kaizen is a Japanese philosophy that is based on the idea of making small continuous changes in your life over time in order to make a large change. Rather than focusing on a big, overwhelming goal, focus your energy on hitting smaller mini goals that, when added together, will lead you to accomplishing the bigger goal in the end. Kaizen is one of the most powerful lessons we have learned in our family entrepreneurial journey.  Starting a business, inventing a product...those

The Comfy Cup Chronicle Part 39: Our "Side Hustle"

We are excited to share this podcast about the Comfy Cup featured on Chris Guillabeau's podcast "Side Hustle School".  This opportunity came to us after submitting a query to Side Hustle School through HARO.

The Comfy Cup Chronicle Part 38: Dinner Etiquette 101-Things You Shouldn't Talk About at the Dinner Table

When you own an athletic cup business, dinner conversations are often different from what other families discuss around the family table.  At our house, it's not surprising to be discussing male gentalia as the topic of conversation.  Unfortunately, we failed to properly educate our youngest daughter of this important meal time etiquette.  I received a text message from another mother today:  "Thanks for letting Elle come over and play this evening. I'm glad she could stay and have dinner with

The Comfy Cup Chronicle Part 37: Reflection

We are feeling grateful...for the many people who have helped to make Kyler's Comfy Cup™ idea a reality. Today, we reflect on the people, events, and timing that aligned to make this dream come true. We couldn't possibly be where we are without all of you...thank you! Coach Todd for requiring the KC Sox to wear cups. All the baseball, hockey, lacrosse and football players who put their package on the line to test out the Comfy Cup™ in the earliest prototyping phases--there are so many of