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Comfy Cup Chronicles

The Comfy Cup Chronicle Part 33: Good News. Bad News. More Bad News. Good News!

"There is no great achievement that is not the result of patient working and waiting."- J. G. HollandGood news, 2,000 of our Comfy Cups™ are ready two months early and headed  from Hong Kong to Lenexa, KS.  We opted to finish production on 1,000 of the cups and leave them awaiting shipment in China, so they can be sent quickly when we need them. With the knowledge of the inventory en route, we put the Comfy Cup™ back on Amazon with a delayed fulfillment date.Bad news, the Easter holiday caused a

The Comfy Cup Chronicle Part 32: You Should Go On Shark Tank

"A smart entrepreneur knows they can not run a business on their own. They know that business is a team sport."  - Robert KiyosakiPeople tell us all the time, “ You should go on that TV show, Shark Tank.”  We actually completed 75% of the Shark Tank application in the 5-hour car ride to Grandma and Grandpa's house for Thanksgiving. Then, we sat on it for months while we considered our business goals.  Our top priority is to make sports more enjoyable for as many kids as possible.  We decided

The Comfy Cup Chronicle Part 31: Meetings and Weedings and Walmart? Oh My!

"The strongest thing you can cultivate as an entrepreneur is to not rely on luck but cultivating an ability to recognize fortunate situations when they are occurring. "   -Jack Dorsey The Grommet launch opened a gateway to a multitude of business to business opportunities.  The trick was deciphering between genuine and legitimate partnerships and people who just want a piece of your pie.  The weeks following The Grommet launch were filled with conference calls.  Up to this point, Kyler

The Comfy Cup Chronicle Part 30: Jealousy

"Encourage and support your kids because children are apt to live up to what you believe of them." - Lady Bird Johnson, Former First Lady of The USPeople often ask if Kyler's younger sister gets jealous of the attention Kyler gets from his invention. We constantly remind both kids that everyone has a special and unique talent to share with the world.  When we see glimpses of their special abilities we always try to point them out.  Elle is extremely witty, creative and athletic, and she has an

The Comfy Cup Chronicle Part 29: Lights, Camera, Action!

The launch of Kyler's Comfy Cup on The Grommet website in April presented new opportunities for media attention.  Kyle had his first TV interview on the local KC Fox morning show.  We took Kyler out of school for his interview and brought his sister along with her iPad to take video and photos to share on social media.  We got to experience the Green Room (which isn't actually green) and behind the scenes on television.  This was another amazing learning opportunity for both of the kids.  I was