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Comfy Cup Chronicles

The Comfy Cup Chronicle Part 37: Reflection

We are feeling grateful...for the many people who have helped to make Kyler's Comfy Cup™ idea a reality. Today, we reflect on the people, events, and timing that aligned to make this dream come true. We couldn't possibly be where we are without all of you...thank you! Coach Todd for requiring the KC Sox to wear cups. All the baseball, hockey, lacrosse and football players who put their package on the line to test out the Comfy Cup™ in the earliest prototyping phases--there are so many of

The Comfy Cup Chronicle Part 36: Holla for HARO

One awesome PR lead we got from The Grommet was a program called HARO-Help a Reporter Out.  Three times a day, we receive an email with queries for stories from reporters and journalists around the world.  I diligently read the queries and submitted pitches to any and every one that was relevant to the Comfy Cup.  

The Comfy Cup Chronicle Part 35: Big Mistake…HUGE

"Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes."-Oscar WildeIn April, we realized we made a BIG mistake.  We failed to collect sales tax on our Amazon sales over the past nine months!  I ASSumed Amazon did that for us.  Well, it doesn't.  So, we immediately registered for a Kansas Retailers’ Sales Tax Registration Certificate and got to work reviewing the thousands of orders to resolve the error. My wonderful husband, Randy, had to continually remind me to be grateful that we caught the

Most kids don't wear a cup...

Most of the players I coach don't wear a cup at all because it is so uncomfortable and restricting.  I think The Comfy Cup is a great solution to protect youth players from potential groin injuries.   

The Comfy Cup Chronicle Part 34:  Local Resources

In May, we learned about the Kansas Small Business Development Center atJohnson County Community College.  The mission of the KSBDC is to increase economic prosperity in Kansas by helping entrepreneurs and small business owners start and grow their businesses.  They provided us with a FREE business consultant/mentor who shared so many amazing insights on company structure, SEO optimization, and content marketing in our first meeting.  He remains a consultant to us free of charge as long as we