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Comfy Cup Chronicles

The Comfy Cup Chronicle Part 28: Hello, Olathe North Medical Professions Academy, Meet Comfy Cup™

"The world's most successful entrepreneurs play hard, but they work even harder. "    -Ben ParrKyler was invited to share his Comfy Cup™  invention with a group of Medical Profession Academy students at Olathe North High School to help them learn about Kyler’s entrepreneurial journey.  Kyler shared his successes and challenges.  After our presentation, the students offered to do some testing on the Comfy Cup™ using the baseball team's pitching machine and their science department’s force plate.

The Comfy Cup Chronicle Part 27: Game Off. The Calm Before the Storm.

"When times are bad is when the real entrepreneurs emerge."     -Robert KiyosakiMid-March our Comfy Cup™ inventory dwindled dangerously low.  We placed an order for 3,000 more Comfy Cups, but they were not scheduled to arrive for months!  We had to take the Comfy Cup™ off Amazon to ensure we would have enough product in stock for our big April 5th launch day on The Grommet.  It was painful to go from filling 50 orders a day to zero during peak baseball season. But, it was a blessing in

The Comfy Cup Chronicle Part 26: Mini Maker Faire

"Entrepreneurs are simply those who understand that there is little difference between obstacle and opportunity and are able to turn both to their advantage." -Niccolo MachiavelliAt the beginning of March, Kyler entered his Comfy Cup into the University of Kansas Engineering School's Mini-Maker Faire.  He was thrilled to win third place for his age group.  It was a great opportunity for Kyler to practice his public speaking and see what other kids invented. If you live in Kansas, I highly

The Comfy Cup Chronicle Part 25: Opportunities on the Horizon

The year was coming to an end, but we had new opportunities on the horizon for the Comfy Cup™.  In July, Grandma Bebe had encouraged us to look into a company called The Grommet, a company that launches undiscovered products with a purpose invented by people with stories on their website and helps them succeed.   We posted the Comfy Cup™ to The Grommet's Citizens' Gallery page and they reached out to us expressing interested in learning more about Kyler's Comfy Cup™. By the end of the year we

The Comfy Cup Chronicle Part 24: All I Want for Christmas is 2,000 Comfy Cups™

" When life gives you a gift, receive it with all your heart."Just before Christmas, we received our second shipment of 2,000 Comfy Cups.  We were decorating Christmas Cookies as a family the day the giant truck backed up our street to unload the carton of Comfy Cups™ into our garage.  Kyler's sister, Aunt Brooke, grandma Bebe and even Kyler’s little cousins helped carry the boxes of Comfy Cups™ off the truck and into our basement warehouse.